Why do all organizations need legal Compliance Tracking software?


We are now in the era of a highly regulated business environment. Ignorance of any legal compliance obligation can result in penalties and imprisonment to Directors and can damage an organization’s reputation. Keeping eye on all legal provisions is a time-consuming, resource intensive task and costly also. Additionally, tracking compliance across the internal departments and locations is a very complex process with a high risk of non-compliance. To avoid these risks, every organization needs Legal Compliance Tracking Software.


Here, we help organizations by providing the most efficient and effective legal compliance tracking software therefore organizations can be complied with zero risk of non-compliance and can focus on only growth.


Why Praans Consultech Legal Compliance Tracking Software is the best?


We provide our Legal Compliance Tracking software initially for 3 months free of cost along with free implementation. We have lots of features which is unique and efficient with accuracy.


Our aim to provide organizations a very intelligent automatic legal compliance tracking software that can save an organization from any legal risk, therefore Owners/Directors/Co-founders can only focus on organization growth.


Praans Consultech is the best, intelligent and leading legal compliance tracking software and also known as best and leading GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) software in India.


Features of Praans Consultech Software


Praans Consultech developed intelligent legal compliance software that helps organizations to track and manage their applicable compliance on time and in an accurate manner. It automates all applicable laws and compliance for companies to manage their obligations and avoid legal risks.


  1. Legal Compliance Tracking- We automated all applicable laws compliance in detail. Our software will inform Companies before the compliance due date and shall also help in doing the compliance. The company can know complete details about the particular compliance in just one single click.
  2. Litigation Tracking- We fully automated litigation tracking in our software. The company can add complete details on software regarding any litigation as Party’s Name, Authority/Court Name, Authorised Representative name, State, Next hearing date, and many more.
  3. Legal Registration Tracking- There are lots of organizations that have their presence in more than one State and more than one location in the same or different States. Every physical office needs some basic registrations. Our software is fully automated for all legal registration requirement city and State wise.
  4. Internal Task Tracking – Praans Consultech automated all organization’s internal tasks with agenda.
  5. Upcoming Compliance- The software sends reminders to organizations about upcoming compliances before the due date.
  6. Reminders- Reminders are fully automated to remind organizations about compliance deadlines.
  7. Library- It contains all applicable notifications, Acts, and rules in detail.
  8. Documents Management- Organisations can upload all compliance-related documents as proof of compliance in form of a compliance library.
  9. Reporting and Analytics- The software has downable excel provision, therefore organizations can download reports and can analyze data as per their requirement.
  10. New Updates- New notifications, new Acts, etc. updates within 24 hours from the time of publishing from the concerned authority.



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