Published Date: 27th Jun, 2023

The Government of Haryana revised labour Welfare Fund rate with effect from 01st Jan’23 by issuing a notification bearing number -HLWB/REV/2023/2983-88 dated 27.06.2023. The employee share of 0.2% of salary or wages or any remuneration subject to a limit of Rs.25/- per month has increased to a limit of Rs.31/- per month and, accordingly, the employer share double of the employee share has increased from Rs.50/- per month to Rs.62/- per month.

Effective Date: 1st Jan, 2023


Published Date: 17th Jul'2023

Strict implementation instruction notification for The Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Act, 2020


Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana gave strict instructions for implementation of the The Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Act, 2020 by registering maximum employer at local.hrylabour.in. Labour Commissioner issued instructions dated 17.07.23 regarding this to his department for implementation of the Act.



Published Date: 09th Jul'2024

Haryana Govt. has issued notification bearing no-HLWB/REV/2024/3755-3804 dated 09th July’2024 regarding monthly deposit of Labour Welfare Fund.

Effective Date: 09th Jul'2024

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