Shop and Establishment Registration in Haryana


Shop and Establishment Act is a State-specific Act , therefore its applicability and provisions vary from state to state. Haryana State also has Shop and establishment Act called The Punjab Shop & Commercial Establishments Act,1958. It was published by Punjab Govt. as at that time, Haryana was not a separate State and it was part of Punjab. On 01st Nov,1966, Haryana State came into existence and adopt The Punjab Shop & Commercial Establishments Act,1958.

Haryana Govt. also implemented the rules related to the Act called The Punjab Shop & Commercial Establishments Rules,1958.


Applicability of Shop registration in Haryana


The Punjab Shop & Commercial Establishments Act,1958 applies to the whole of the Haryana State. There is no restriction on the number of employees for applicability. It means, every shop and commercial establishment except the exempted need to take Shop and Establishment Registration within 30 days of starting work.


Exempted Establishments and Persons


Act shall not apply to –

(a) offices of or under the Central or State Government (except commercial undertakings), the Reserve Bank of India, any railway administration or any local authority;

(b) any railway service, air service, water transport service, tramway, postal, telegraph or telephone service, any system of public conservancy or sanitation or any industry, business or undertaking which supplies power , light or water to the public ;

(c) railway dining cars;

(d) offices of lawyers

(e) any person employed about the business of any establishment mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (d) aforesaid ;

(f) any person whose hours of employment are regulated by or under the Factories Act, 1948 , except the provisions of sub-section (3),(4) and (5) of Section 7 of this Act in so far as they relate to employment in a factory ;

(g) any person whose work is inherently intermittent;

[(h)establishment of stamp vendors and petition writers.


Documents required for Shop Registration in Haryana

  1. Employer Aadhaar and PAN Card
  2. Rent Agreement
  3. List of employees with Name , Father’s Name, Designation , In-Out timing and Lunch Timing
  4. One Shop/Establishment External Photo
  5. One Shop/Establishment Internal Photo
  6. One Sign Board Photo with Shop/establishment view

Fee for Shop and Establishment Registration in Haryana



Type of establishment Registration fee
“Starred hotels, cinema houses,banks,
insurance companies, financial institutions
and/or Information Technology and
Information Technology Enabled Establishments
and Telecommunication establishments
Employing 10 or more employees.”
Rs. 5,000
“Nursing homes, Privately managed Educational
Institutions/Universities and Petrol Pums”
Rs. 1,000
“Worskshops, automobiles service
stations (not covered under the Factories Act, 1948), Computer Training Centers, Shorthand and type institutions, Health & Fitness Clubs, clinics, Medical laboratories,  restaurants, un-starred hotels, and/or all Establishments
employing 10 or more employees.”
Rs. 500
“All Shops and commercial establishments not covered under and above three categories and employing less than 10 employees.” Rs. 300
“All Shops and commercial Establishments owned and/or managed by the shopkeepers himself/herself and not employing and employee.” Rs. 100



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